Kawana (WSA earning 80%)

The Kawana Project, is located approximately 250km north west of Western Areas' Forrestania operations. The Project covers the northern portion of the Southern Cross-Bullfinch Greenstone Belt. The Southern Cross Greenstone Belt extends discontinuously from Kawana in the north through Forrestania to Ravensthorpe in the south. The Project area has been subject to only limited modern systematic nickel exploration.

Within the Kawana Project area a number komatiites sequences have now been recognised within the approximately 26km strike length of greenstone stratigraphy occurring in the project. Further exploration is warranted as significant potential exists to identify nickel exploration targets within the known komatiites sequences as well as locating additional ultramafic bodies in the project area, particularly in areas that have received very little or no prior geological or geochemical exploration coverage.

In the northern area, where a significant proportion of the project area is covered by transported Quaternary alluvial-colluvial sediments, initial auger drilling has identified extensions to the eastern komatiitie sequence.