Date Document
30/12/2010 Western Areas NL - Share Trading Policy
16/12/2010 Western Areas To Increase Equity In Mustang Minerals
15/12/2010 Decision to Mine Spotted Quoll Underground
26/11/2010 Exploration Strategy and Project Update
15/11/2010 Initial Director`s Interest Notice - David Southam
05/11/2010 Berenzia WSA Cleansing Notice and EOM
01/11/2010 Change in substantial holding
28/10/2010 Final Convertible Bond Exchange Amount
26/10/2010 Director Appointment
25/10/2010 Successful Closing of Bond Exchange Offer Period
21/10/2010 Trading Halt
21/10/2010 Exchange Offer for $225M Convertible Bond
13/10/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice
11/10/2010 Results of Annual General Meeting
11/10/2010 Change in substantial holding
08/10/2010 Quarterly Activities Report September 2010
04/10/2010 Change in substantial holding from NAB
27/09/2010 Change in substantial holding from NAB
16/09/2010 Change in substantial holding
08/09/2010 Notice of Annual General Meeting
08/09/2010 Annual Report to shareholders
07/09/2010 Record Mine Production of 6,278 Tonnes Nickel in Jul / Aug
25/08/2010 Preliminary Final Report - Appendix 4E and Financial Report
13/08/2010 Response to ASX Query
02/08/2010 Diggers and Dealers Presentation
28/07/2010 Western Areas Sends First Shipment of Nickel to China
15/07/2010 Quarterly Activities Report and Craig Oliver Tribute
13/07/2010 Ceasing to be a substantial holder from CBA
08/07/2010 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
06/07/2010 GTE: WSA commences drilling at Mt Gibb South
01/07/2010 Record Quarterly Production at Forrestania
30/06/2010 Appointment - Chief Financial Officer
28/06/2010 Appendix 3B - Expiry of Employee and Director Options
28/06/2010 Final Director`s Interest Notice - Craig Oliver
25/06/2010 Change in substantial holding
22/06/2010 Craig Oliver
21/06/2010 Western Areas Director - Craig Oliver
16/06/2010 Drilling Intersects New Nickel Zone at New Morning
10/06/2010 Official Opening Spotted Quoll and Stage Two Concentrator
21/05/2010 Concentrator Upgrade Completed and Production Update
12/05/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notices
10/05/2010 Change in substantial holding from NAB
06/05/2010 Letter to Shareholders - Henry Tax Review
30/04/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice
20/04/2010 Quarterly Activities Report - March 2010
14/04/2010 Settlement of $125m Convertible Bond and Repayment of Loans
01/04/2010 First Ore at Spotted Quoll
31/03/2010 A$125 Million 6.4% Convertible Bond Offering Circular
30/03/2010 Change in substantial holding
26/03/2010 Western Areas Issues $A125 million of Convertible Bonds
25/03/2010 Trading Halt
19/03/2010 Spotted Quoll Ore Reserve Increased to 90,000 tonnes Nickel
08/03/2010 RDR: Mt Finnerty Nickel HoA with Western Areas NL Terminates
08/03/2010 New Nickel Sulphide Discovery at Sandstone Joint Venture
03/03/2010 Western Areas Seeking Partner for Finland Projects
16/02/2010 Western Areas Declares First Dividend Payment
15/02/2010 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
15/02/2010 Becoming a substantial holder from NAB
08/02/2010 December 2009 Interim Profit Guidance
02/02/2010 Letter to Shareholders - Record Nickel Production
28/01/2010 December 2009 - Quarterly Activities Report
11/01/2010 Western Areas Announces Strong Start To 2010
06/01/2010 KZL: First Ore Production From Lounge Lizard Nickel Project